Vote Jordan Watters for Trustee in SD61

Over the last 8 years I have been instrumental in moving School District 61 in a progressive direction, and I need your mandate to continue. Public schools are for everyone, and each student should feel an authentic sense of belonging when they walk through our doors. When students don’t feel safe to be themselves, their learning is deeply impacted.

My Record

I am very proud of my record of service and achievement over the last eight years. Here is a snapshot, for your consideration.

  • Initiated the District’s declaration of a Climate Emergency and am now Chair of the Climate Action Ad Hoc Committee
  • Initiated the incorporation of net zero standards into the design of new Cedar Hill Middle School
  • Supported increased funding for the Indigenous Nation Education Department (INED) and to incorporate Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being into learning practices.
  • Supported increased hours for Educational Assistants.
  • Achieved the creation of 316 childcare spaces across the district.
  • Fought for the Caledonia project which will create 158 new and badly needed affordable rental housing units in Fernwood.
  • Took steps to address systemic racism in the school district including demonstrating personal accountability as a leader in the system.
  • Led the development and adoption of the most progressive Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy and Regulations of any School District in the province. This policy makes our schools safer and more inclusive.
  • Initiated a needs assessment of SD61 facilities accessibility infrastructure (ramps, lifts, automatic doors, elevators, accessible washrooms, etc.) leading to an Accessibility Strategy for District facilities
  • Developed an Equity Policy which includes a system for annually identifying “equity seeking schools” using BC Stats socio-economic indicators as well as internal catchment data in order that resources can be directed first to the schools with the greatest need. This policy improves equity among Sd61’s 48 schools.
  • Led the revision of SD61 dress codes to ensure that dress codes uphold human rights and reflect a vision for schools where no body is a distraction and all children are welcome to express themselves without fear of shame.
  • Advocated at the provincial level through the BC School Trustees Association for the inclusion of consent in k-12 curriculum, as well as the creation of a Gender-Based Violence Prevention Strategy for Youth.
  • Initiated SD61 participation in the Victoria Pride Parade. 🏳️‍🌈

In addition, I have served in a number of roles including:

  • Chair of the Climate Action Committee 2022-Present
  • Chair of the Board 2018-2021
  • BC School Trustee’s Association committees I have served on:
    • COVID-19 Working Group 2020-2022
    • Healthy Work Environments for Trustees 2020
    • Student Scholarships 2018-2022
  • Chair of the Operations, Planning and Policy Committee 2016-2018
  • Chair of Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee 2018
  • Trustee Representative on the Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee 2015-2018
    • Co-Chair with Jeremy Loveday of the Youth Matters Sub-Committee
  • Trustee Liaison to the District Gender and Sexuality Alliance 2014-2018
  • Trustee Representative on the Aboriginal Nations Education Council 2014-2016

Outside my role as Trustee I have also made contributions, including:

  • Director for Sierra Club B.C.
  • Steering Committee member of the Re-Imagining Masculinities Conference 2018-2018
  • Project Lead for the BC Childcare Sector Labour Market Partnerships Project – Stakeholder Engagement 2018
  • Chair, Cedar Daycare Board 2014-2018

Please consider reading my Platform and learning more About my skills, experience, and qualifications, as well as my Record of achievements.  I hope I will have your support on Saturday, October15th.

 Vote for courageous and accountable leadership.

Authorized by Jordan Watters, Financial Agent,

2 thoughts on “Vote Jordan Watters for Trustee in SD61

  1. Thank you for running again for the School Board.
    I was interested to see your platform, on a rack-card in my mailbox. It makes no mention of Education. Or Children. Or Schools. Or Classrooms. Is that deliberate?


    • Hi Nick, Thanks for your comment I think a trustee’s number one responsibility is ensuring that students receive a quality education and are supported to reach their potential. That’s why my platform’s number one priority is “All students finding success in our schools.” I hope that helps clarify


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