If I am elected for a third term, I will work tirelessly to achieve my vision of:

1) All students find success and belonging in our schools

Teachers, specialists and support staff have the resources they need to ensure each student can learn and succeed in the most enabling environment. Schools reflect the diversity of our community so that all children and families feel included and respected. There is no room for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or any other form of bias in our school system.

I will continue to advocate for our most vulnerable students, and ask the tough questions about our progress towards creating truly inclusive schools. I will look to students, families and teachers to inform me of our progress towards our goal of inclusive schools.

2) We prioritize our student’s futures through climate action

Under my leadership, our district will be guided by a Climate Action Plan with ambitious targets for transformational change and innovation within our school communities. The Climate Action Plan will create a pathway to minimize carbon emissions, reduce waste, conserve water, as well as improve climate literacy within our schools through nature-based learning.

In addition to getting outside as part of the school day, I also want safe and active routes to school to be the norm. The streets around our schools are safe for children and families to travel on foot, scooter and bikes. I will advocate for each school to have a safe and weather protected place for students and staff to lock their bikes. I will continue to advocate provincially and municipally for improved safety on our streets.

3) Indigenous ways of knowing and being are woven throughout

Our classrooms are culturally responsive environments where all students benefit from de-colonized curriculum and land-based learning. First Nations, Métis, and urban Indigenous students find belonging in our schools and feel pride in their identities. We

We work in partnership with the Four Houses Esquimalt Nation, Songhees Nations, Métis and Urban Peoples to define success for their students and help them achieve their goals. We build on the strengths of Indigenous students and support their academic success. Reconciliation will guide my approach to all aspects of the Board’s work. As we move forward to co-create a vision for Craigflower and Shoreline schools with Esquimalt and Songhees Nations, we can ensure we have seismically safe schools that meet the needs and desires of the communities they serve.

4) School District lands are leveraged for community benefit 

District green spaces and urban forests are protected and maintained. District partnerships with municipalities, First Nations and community organizations add housing supply and childcare spaces in ways that support healthy communities.

5) District governance is respectful, transparent and collaborative

We have a respectful Board culture where all Trustees feel valued and where we work together with our staff to serve the best interests of our students. Our community is highly engaged and this is a huge asset for our district if we work together towards our common goals of student achievement and enrichment. No one in our learning community should feel bullied or harassed. The Board’s decision-making is student-centered, transparent, accountable, and compassionate.

5) There is equity across our District and within our schools

Resource allocations are always made with equity in mind. I developed SD61’s Equity policy which includes a system for annually identifying equity-seeking schools. I need a third term to ensure that these policies and systems are implemented in ways that eliminates the phenomena of “have not” schools.

My vision for SD61 is rooted in the work I have already accomplished at the Board table and in our communities. Please check out my Record to better understand the work I have been doing.


4 thoughts on “Platform

  1. Hi Jordan,
    You have a good platform and you have been working hard, good for you. If elected, will you be implementing anything with new immigrants, assisting new students/youths in the school transition, timetables, selecting courses and assisting their parents so they understand the school system here? Thank you.


    • Great question! This is a key concern for me and for the District. We recently opened our Welcome and Learning Centre which will be a hub for supporting immigrant, refugee and other newcomer families in many the ways you decribe! I want to see ongoing collaboration with the Intercultural Association, Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre, Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees, and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre Victoria and others to make sure we are meeting the needs of newcomer families.


  2. Hello Jordan, Regarding your vision #4 -You have demonstrated by your three votes regarding the land disposal at Lansdowne South Middle school that you actually do NOT support district greenspaces and urban forests, nor honour your partnership with municipalities and groups such as the Bowker Creek Society and Bowker Creek Initiative, which the school board voted to support. The sale of this sensitive watershed, flood plain and greenspace that you voted for indicates to me you actually will not work tirelessly to achieve this vision. Did you know that SD61 facilities staff were involved in the 2020 Daylighting Feasibility Study for this site? Yet the recommendations were completely ignored by the Secretary Treasurer and were never brought to the Board for consideration, instead went straight to a Purchase and Sale Agreement without any consultation or discussion of options. The sale of this land does not benefit this community as over 1000 community members who signed the petition opposed the sale.
    Also, reagrding platform #5: there is no equity across our district when Oak Bay High creekside property is completely restored with outdoor classrooms, public walkways and state of the art playing fields while Lansdowne South Middle school creekside property is sold off rather than fulfilling the Bowker Creek Initiative’s and School District’s vision of a larger playing field for the students, proper sporting fields, a meandering naturalized creek and an outdoor classroom Where is the equality there?


    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you for your message. The reason I voted in favour of selling the 1.9 acres at Lansdowne South to Victoria is because of their commitment to Bowker watershed management and the addition of an outdoor classroom and pedestrian pathway. Their commitment is to meander and widen the creek; engineer sloped banks to slow erosion, improve safety, and alleviate flooding; improve and increase the riparian area habitat with a 20 m wide Stream Protection Enhancement Area (SPEA); enhance the riparian area by removing invasive species and planting native species at a high density, with a combination of shrubs, forbs and trees; and design a new natural, diversified greenway. This is beyond what the Board is able to undertake given our limited funds and significant capital maintenance deficit. I hope that helps you understand my vote.


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