Campaign Platform

Fully Funded Public Education: My Core Value

I will advocate passionately and work to achieve the following:

  1. Appropriate Class Sizes and Compositions

Balance class size and composition to enable teachers to serve the needs of ALL students:

  • Ensure teachers are able to spend regular one-on-one time with each student in the class
  • Provide support for students with special needs
  • Identify and support gifted students
  • Conduct timely assessments and designations

 Appropriate class sizes and compositions reinforce the principle of inclusion in public education and allow the unique needs of students to be met. Funding is required to provide equitable supports for students and their teachers. 

  1. Enhanced Access to Specialist Teachers and Support Staff
  • Increase access to Teacher Librarians
  • Ensure Educational Assistants and behavioural supports are available for all who need them
  • Expand Aboriginal programming
  • Improve custodial staffing levels to ensure clean and safe schools

Eliminating or restricting student access to specialist teachers and the diverse programming they provide impoverishes the quality of education students receive.

  1. Child and Youth Mental Health Supports
  • Ensure vulnerable students are identified and supported
  • Increase access to School Counselors and Child & Youth Care Workers
  • Institute District Code of Conduct addressing bullying

Public education has a duty to help students dealing with bullying, abuse, anxiety, mental illness, substance abuse and other challenges.

  1. Open and Responsive School District Governance
  • Improve opportunities for community, parent and student engagement
  • Trustee-led budget committee to increase accountability and transparency
  • Increase Trustee advocacy for fully funded public education 

Trustees are elected officials with a duty to act in the interest of democracy, fostering an open and responsive relationship with the public, and advocating for the needs of each student and the school district courageously and honestly.

  1. Comprehensive planning for the Future of the Greater Victoria School District
  • Develop a Strategic Plan to guide SD61
  • Develop a Capital Asset Management Plan
  • Oppose any new 99 year leases of School District property

A Strategic Plan for SD61 is necessary if we want the Capital Region to lead the province in the quality of public education. In order to reach our goals, we must first define them both as a Board and through public consultation.




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