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 BC teachers strike & social media

Free City Radio, CKUT McGill

Listen to an interview with Jordan Watters, a community activist in Victoria BC, behind the Support BC Teachers Campaign on social media. In this interview Jordan speaks about the BC Teachers strike that is ongoing, looking at the role that social media is playing in community mobilization in support of the striking teachers.

Specifically this interview addresses the impacts of the 2002 decision by the BC Liberal government to block the ability for BC Teachers to negotiate terms with the government around class sizes. Also the interview addresses the ways that the current strike is part of a long term effort by the BC Liberal government to undercut the strength and sustainability of the BC Teachers Union.

Listen here: 





Ian Jessop Interview with Jordan Watters

Jordan’s segment starts at the 34minute mark, listen here:



Parents backing B.C. teachers on picket lines

By Sandra McCulloch, June 2, 2014 10:00 PM

Read here:


Pamela McCall Interview with Education Critic, Rob Fleming

Jordan calls in just after the 15 minute mark.

Listen here:



Students frustrated by being ‘put in the middle’ organize walkout to protest teachers’ dispute


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