Voter FAQ

Q) Why should I care about voting for School Trustees?

A) Because Public Education Matters

Greater Victoria School District 61 by the numbers:

  • $200 million budget
  • 6th largest employer in the Capital region
  • 19,500 students

We should all care about what is happening at the school board!

Q) What does a School Trustee do?

A) Trustees are responsible for setting the school board’s overall policy direction and the board’s budget, and they represent the interests of the community, parents and students in their area.

Trustees engage their communities in building and maintaining a school system that reflects local priorities, values and expectations. School trustees listen to their communities; guide the work of their school district; and set plans, policies and the annual budget. Reflecting the strength of local representation, boards report back to their communities on how students are doing: boards are directly accountable to the people they serve.



Q) Who can vote for SD61 School Trustees?

A) School Trustees are elected through Municipal elections.You can vote if you are 18 years of age or older, a Canadian Citizen, and live within the bounds of the Greater Victoria School District – Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of the Highlands and much of Saanich (south of Mount Douglas/ PKOLS and Camosun’s Interurban campus.

To determine if you live within SD61, check out the map here:


Q) When do I vote?

  • Advanced voting takes place on November 5th
  • General voting  day is Saturday, November 15th

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